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The WIP has been updated to now list modal scores as well. In addition, if the Modal Score falls below the 1.0 threshold, it will display the anomalous results of the top candidate specimen.

ASHEX Web ID Program

For those who have trouble downloading programs or have systems incompatible with PIBWin, I have designed a web-based application that will compute ID probabilities without the need to download anything. Click the ‘WIP’ link at the top of the page to access the new ASHEX WIP!

ASHEX12X released on January 9, 2012

Hello followers! I am pleased to announce the release of the ASHEX12X matrix. The current version represents 815 clinical isolates of gram-negative, glucose non-fermenting strains. The matrix has the ability to identify 88 organisms. 30 of these have met the 10 isolate criterion established in 2004, and an additional 30 are represented by at …

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