AID Cloud

Welcome to the AID (App Identification) Cloud. This represents the natural extension of the WIP system I developed for ASHEX. The idea behind the AID Cloud is to provide numerous identification systems as freeware to global microbiology laboratories with the assistance of other experts in the field.

ASHEX was the first step in establishing a greater legacy for the community. There are now two menu bars on the pschreck site. The top banner takes you to various pages, while the second (aligned with the AID Cloud link) will take you to various probabilistic calculators depending on your needs.

I hope you all find this tool useful and beneficial for the rapid identification of clinical pathogens.

For information on the differences between the two ASHEX WIPs shown in the menu, please click the Non-Fermenter ID link in the menu at the top of the page.

Sincerely, Adam Schreckenberger.

Current contributors to the AID Cloud include (in order of release):
ASHEX WIP – Gram-Negative Non-Fermenting Bacilli (c)2004-2018 A.P. Schreckenberger using test results provided by P.C. Schreckenberger and Kathy McKinley
Enterics WIP – Enterobacteriaceae courtesy of Brent Barrett using results published in the International Journal of Systemic Bacteriology, & A.P. Schreckenberger
Vibrio WIP – Vibrio species courtesy of Brent Barrett using J.J. Farmer Table 08 (c)2005, & A.P. Schreckenberger
Salmonella WIP – Salmonella species CDC Biochemical Tables 4-6-2009 Rev 1 (c)2009, received courtesy of Brent Barrett, & WIP dev courtesy of A.P. Schreckenberger

Important Copyright Information
The source code of the WIP application is intellectual property of A.P. Schreckenberger. Direct duplication is prohibited. The use of the WIP function is (and shall always be) a free service provided by A.P. Schreckenberger and For expansion questions and permission requests, please contact Adam.