WIP Announced

Paraphrased from my dad’s email to CLINMICRONET:

Dear Colleagues,

I want to inform you of a new tool for identification of glucose non-fermenting gram-negative bacilli that is available as freeware at www.pschreck.com. This is a computer assisted probability program created by my son Adam, that is linked to the non-fermenter database that I have developed with isolates collected over the past 20 years. The database consists of human clinical isolates and includes rare and unusual isolates from the CDC non-fermenter collection kindly furnished by Maryam Daneshvar and Dannie Hollis. The database includes 45 phenotypic characteristics to 815 individual isolates representing 88 separate species and groups of NFBs. The program allows you to enter as many phenotypic characteristics that are available and calculates likelihood probability, modal score, and provides phenotypic tests that will separate top three taxa when likelihood score is less than 95%. To access, click the WIP tab in the tool bar and enter your reactions on the worksheet. The WIP is a web application that works on any PC, Apple, or smartphone system with an active internet connection. It requires no downloads and will run within your internet browser.

If you would like to access the entire database with all phenotypic reactions click Non-Fermenter ID Tab in the tool bar, then click ASHEX 12X EXCEL File in Step 3. Click read only to open the excel file. If you have any difficulties, you can contact Adam.

We hope you all enjoy this new tool. Thus far, the responses seem to be overwhelmingly positive.