A Serious Question…

Been a while everyone! Happy 2019! Looking over the ASHEX usage data, I’ve spotted something interesting that I’d like to bring up. It seems that a significant percentage of users are turning to the ASHEX14 matrix for identification. On its face, I can understand why people are doing this. The legacy version of the ID tool was the last one that I worked on with my father before his passing.

That being said, there are some substantial reasons to use the ASHEX18 matrix instead. When my father passed away, he was wrapping up a project to check the identifications in the ASHEX table against MALDI-TOF and gene sequencing. At the time, there were 900+ isolates in the dataset, and from those, 21 “problem children” were found. These 21 cases showed discrepancies between the three methods, and all of them were resolved thanks to the careful work from the lab. The ASHEX18 version has these improvements along with the Wilson Binomial Tool.

So my serious question comes from trying to understand the persistence in legacy version use. I genuinely believe that the improvements in ASHEX18 really warrant the use of the current matrix. Anyhoo! Hope everyone is doing alright. Feel free to contact me if you feel so inclined. I’m always happy to chat.