ASHEX17XB WIP now live!

As promised, another update to the WIP has been made. ASHEX17XB is now up and running. This version of the WIP represents 105 taxa using data from 971 clinical isolates.

Again, the legacy version of ASHEX14X is still available. ASHEX17XB is carrying the development torch forward into the future. I attempted something new with this version of the WIP, and I am extremely happy to add to the functionality of the program. The details are covered more on the Non-Fermenter ID page. The basic gist is that users can now perform a check using a Wilson Binomial Matrix (WBM) instead. The WBM takes into account the sample sizes for each taxon, and there are some benefits to having this feature available.

The standard setting is for the calculation to use the same method as the previous WIPs (what everyone is used to), and it’s worth repeating here that the WBM is not better. Having it available just gives us, as scientists, an option to explore potential cases where various ID systems disagree.