ASHEX16X – Life Carries On

ASHEX16X is now live! This update was built using a stack of biochemical test results my dad (Dr. Paul) had left for me to enter before his passing. Some of you might have also seen that there are now two ASHEX (GNNFB) links. I have decided to freeze ASHEX14X and keep it available. While I — and the great group at Loyola — are 110% committed to updating the ASHEX table to the highest caliber of standards, the caliber to which my father demanded, I realize there are some out there who might not be comfortable using tools built in the wake of his expertise. The WIP as it was at the time of his passing (ASHEX14X) will remain available, while the other link (ASHEX16X) will carry future developments.

Right now, there are several updates in the works. I improved the appearance of the Enterics WIP form last night. I plan to do the same to the Vibrio WIP, as well. Like a good teacher, my dad left behind NFB sheets that pose interesting questions, and I aim to get that sorted with the help of his lab. In other words, the update to ASHEX16X is the first step in a two-step upgrade. ASHEX17X will follow shortly (likely early 2017). This is the reason why the raw 16X table file is not currently available for download like the 14X one is. I’m moving forward immediately. It is a Schreckenberger trait.

Also, the typical note: ASHEX16X represents 104 taxa using data from 932 clinical isolates. Thanks for your energy and support!