News Regarding the AID-Cloud WIPs

Greetings and happy Monday folks! I have some big news to share this afternoon. Less than three years after the deployment of the Web-ID system, the AID-Cloud has recorded its 10,000th identification. This is a big milestone for us that I feel is worth sharing. When I began compiling my dad’s data back in 2004, I had no idea ASHEX would eventually touch 126 countries. If you had asked me back then that in 2012 I would have the coding experience to build a browser-based app, I would have probably laughed. If you had then told me that – within three years – the system would have been utilized for 10,000 identifications, I probably would have just grinned. I hope these tools continue to serve the Micro community – and that the goals established by a much-younger, past me continue to be met through the use of this software. Thanks for putting a little part of me in your lab space.