Code Rewrite

Hello everyone,

I decided it was time to clean up the code a bit. I deployed the new software a few minutes ago, so I figured I would release a statement. There was nothing inherently wrong with the code as it was. Functionally, you should not see any change at all. However, with a little optimization work, I decreased the size of the calculator by another 20%. You may also notice that I have added a search function. This will automatically send the top candidate species to a Google search, allowing for quick access to information.

With any new implementation, however, there is a chance for troubleshooting. Here are a couple potential issues.
1) No matter what test information I put in, the result is P. fulva with a probability of 1.136%.
No fear, this just means your browser is still looking for the old code. Clear your browsing cache/history, and the problem should go away. This can be done from the Tools menu in IE, the History menu in Linux based browsers, and from the advanced settings in Chrome. If you have any issues with this, feel free to shoot me an email.
2) The search function is not working.
This is likely do to the fact that the code wants to open a new tab, which could be disabled by popup blockers / similar prohibitions. Let me know if you are having this kind of error, so I know the extent of the problem.
–Update 2: It seems like this problem is specific to users running Internet Explorer 8.0 browsers. I’ll be looking into a fix.

Thanks! I hope the roll out is a smooth one.