App Identification (AID) Cloud

Dear Microbiology Friends,

In the past week, has introduced the ASHEX WIP – an online tool that helps identify gram-negative, non-fermenting bacilli (GNNFB). Over the course of the last few days, with the help of Brent Barrett, Enterobacteria and Vibrio species WIPs have been developed. Together, with the ASHEX WIP, these programs mark the start of the AID Cloud. The Aid Cloud is a set of online identification applications meant to help end-users (such as laboratory specialists) ID clinical isolates.

You’ll notice that beneath the main toolbar of the pschreck webpage, there is a secondary gray banner that begins with AID Cloud on the far left. That link will take you to a better description of the AID Cloud. To the right, various WIP links have been added that will take you to specific identification tools. (e.g. the Vibrio WIP link will take you to an identification tool that separates Vibrio species.)

These matrices do not communicate with one another, so users do have to have a general idea as to which WIP they want to use. In other words, the Enterics WIP will not contain information from the ASHEX WIP and vice versa. Feel free to contact Adam with any questions. I hope you all find use for these tools in your labs.

~A.P. Schreckenberger