December 2016 archive

ASHEX17XB WIP now live!

As promised, another update to the WIP has been made. ASHEX17XB is now up and running. This version of the WIP represents 105 taxa using data from 971 clinical isolates. Again, the legacy version of ASHEX14X is still available. ASHEX17XB is carrying the development torch forward into the future. I attempted something new with this …

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ASHEX16X – Life Carries On

ASHEX16X is now live! This update was built using a stack of biochemical test results my dad (Dr. Paul) had left for me to enter before his passing. Some of you might have also seen that there are now two ASHEX (GNNFB) links. I have decided to freeze ASHEX14X and keep it available. While I …

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The Passing of Dr. Paul

Greetings everyone, it is with great sorrow that I have to inform you that my father passed away suddenly on November 29th. He was the best dad anyone could ask for. He was always supportive, knew what to say, and made a one-of-a-kind educator. There are no words that could possibly describe how much he’ll …

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