July 2012 archive

AID Cloud Report

In the week since the AID Cloud was announced, pschreck.com has received over 2000 hits from at least a dozen countries. The WIPs have been accessed at least 1200 times in that time frame as well. I hope these tools continue to assist the medical community. ~A.P. Schreckenberger

App Identification (AID) Cloud

Dear Microbiology Friends, In the past week, pschreck.com has introduced the ASHEX WIP – an online tool that helps identify gram-negative, non-fermenting bacilli (GNNFB). Over the course of the last few days, with the help of Brent Barrett, Enterobacteria and Vibrio species WIPs have been developed. Together, with the ASHEX WIP, these programs mark the …

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WIP Announced

Paraphrased from my dad’s email to CLINMICRONET: Dear Colleagues, I want to inform you of a new tool for identification of glucose non-fermenting gram-negative bacilli that is available as freeware at www.pschreck.com. This is a computer assisted probability program created by my son Adam, that is linked to the non-fermenter database that I have developed …

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The WIP has been updated to now list modal scores as well. In addition, if the Modal Score falls below the 1.0 threshold, it will display the anomalous results of the top candidate specimen.

ASHEX Web ID Program

For those who have trouble downloading programs or have systems incompatible with PIBWin, I have designed a web-based application that will compute ID probabilities without the need to download anything. Click the ‘WIP’ link at the top of the page to access the new ASHEX WIP!