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Dec 05

Minor Vibrio WIP Update

Hello everyone! I’ve made a minor tweak to the Vibrio WIP to bring it into alignment with ASHEX and Enterics WIPs. There is no calculation change, though doing this tweak allowed me to reduce the file size of the calculator considerably. If you’re getting weird results (like every result appears as 8.33%), please clear your …

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Sep 17

ASHEX18XB WIP is now live!

Greetings Microbiology Community, I come to you today with a special announcement. Thirteen years after my dad first approached me with the idea of building the ASHEX table, the 1000th Gram-negative, non-fermenting clinical isolate was recorded this past week. The additional biochemical results are stored in the brand new ASHEX18XB Web Identification Program, which has …

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Dec 24

ASHEX17XB WIP now live!

As promised, another update to the WIP has been made. ASHEX17XB is now up and running. This version of the WIP represents 105 taxa using data from 971 clinical isolates. Again, the legacy version of ASHEX14X is still available. ASHEX17XB is carrying the development torch forward into the future. I attempted something new with this …

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Dec 09

ASHEX16X – Life Carries On

ASHEX16X is now live! This update was built using a stack of biochemical test results my dad (Dr. Paul) had left for me to enter before his passing. Some of you might have also seen that there are now two ASHEX (GNNFB) links. I have decided to freeze ASHEX14X and keep it available. While I …

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Mar 03


Hello again, Microbiology Folks, Adam here with another update. This is long overdue! Today we rolled out ASHEX Version 14X. The new table is available for download in the Non-Fermenter tab. Also, the ASHEX WIP has already been updated to point at the 14X matrix. As of right now, I have not replaced the 12X …

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Feb 27

Code Rewrite

Hello everyone, I decided it was time to clean up the code a bit. I deployed the new software a few minutes ago, so I figured I would release a statement. There was nothing inherently wrong with the code as it was. Functionally, you should not see any change at all. However, with a little …

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Feb 22

Mobile Friendly Form

Hello Microbiology Friends, It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since I last gave a status update on ASHEX. I have made a more touchscreen-friendly version of the NFB ID form. I have also created a link that will allow you to bypass the main site (which can be quite …

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Nov 29

The Cloud Grows – Say hello to the MAGI…

Having trouble pinning an unknown to a point on the GNNFB-Enterics-Vibrio spectrum? Allow me to introduce you to the SAVE MAGI. This program uses a trio of 18-test matrices to point users to one of the individual WIPs for the likeliest final identification. Just enter the results of the 18 tests and Melchior, Balthazar, and …

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Jul 24

App Identification (AID) Cloud

Dear Microbiology Friends, In the past week, has introduced the ASHEX WIP – an online tool that helps identify gram-negative, non-fermenting bacilli (GNNFB). Over the course of the last few days, with the help of Brent Barrett, Enterobacteria and Vibrio species WIPs have been developed. Together, with the ASHEX WIP, these programs mark the …

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Jul 20

WIP Announced

Paraphrased from my dad’s email to CLINMICRONET: Dear Colleagues, I want to inform you of a new tool for identification of glucose non-fermenting gram-negative bacilli that is available as freeware at This is a computer assisted probability program created by my son Adam, that is linked to the non-fermenter database that I have developed …

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