1. Become an accredited host. Ask me if you can be an AGWL Contest Host. The request will be voted upon by current hosts in the AGWL and will likely be approved, especially if you are a regular host with known standards. If you’re new, no worries. We can talk and get the ball rolling. This community is all about growth.

2. Host an AGWL Contest. There are certain league stipulations about contests that I will outline below; however, once you’re an AGWL Accredited Host, tell your patrons, explain the situation to them, and emphasize that you are an AGWL participant. I think it would also be a good idea to put AGWL at the end of your thread title. At least, this is what I do.

3. League Restrictions
Accredited Hosts may only offer 5 AGWL credits per month.
These points may be divided amongst multiple winners. If you’re hosting a contest that runs for different time periods, the credits you are alloted will scale accordingly (e.g. 2 weeks = 2.5 credits, 2 months = 10 credits).

No AGWL credit contests are authorized during the GGW months.

Hosts must distribute at least 15 points during the AGWL year to keep their accredited status.

4. Inform me of your contest results. Once you have hosted an AGWL contest, let me know your credit distribution so that I can update the AGWL Standings.

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