The AGWL represents the next chapter in the development of the AGWC. In each round, authors with strong pieces will receive some fraction of 5 league credits. These credits will be accumulated from October through May. Once GGW begins, the scores an author receives in a round will directly contribute to that writer’s point total. At the end of GGW, the writer with the most league credits will be named AGWL Champion and will receive the Faulkner Prism – a glass trophy made specifically for the league. Here’s the kicker: other contests can participate too. This will bring together the writing contest community by strengthening the bonds between contest hosts and by motivating authors with a tangible award.

In recent weeks, some of the WC regulars have come together to start a new online literary magazine called Theory Train. This publication is now up and running on this webserver and we are looking for submissions. Please check us out at Theory Train. Members of the editorial board include PK and myself.

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