Round 1 of GGW V is due on June 18.

Please give congratulations to phantomkitsune. She captured the Faulkner Cup for accumulating the most AGWL credits in the Pre-GGW part of the season. She is also the only AGWL host to retain her credentials.

That being said, I am already making moves to ensure the AGWC’s future. My Five Year Funding Plan seeks to raise 14MG to back the 2.8 mil/year plan until 2016. Any additional funds I collect at the end of my purge will go into a League Grant Fund that I intend to establish. I would like to get more accredited hosts involved in AGWL activities. Therefore, I hope to create a source that newly admitted hosts could use as a prize pool. Please see AGWC post #2 for more info.


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