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.Welcome to A.P. Schreckenberger Publications!

In existence since 2002, this site primarily showcases the early works of author A.P. Schreckenberger—though, enough of that 3rd-person jazz. I utilized this page (as well as cfxt.com) to publish fiction pieces that I wrote during my high school and undergraduate years. This process started with a story called Cold Fusion XT, which was based on a dream I had regarding 9/11. This tale shoved science-fiction tech into armor kits destined to reclaim America from a dystopian post-9/11 timeline. As with many things that start in high school, my drive to write this one ended with high school, and the entire novel stopped with only its first major arc completed. At one point, it was slated to become the driving plotline of an indie platformer game, but that deal never came to fruition.

My second novel project was McCallister Chronicles. I had tons of fun writing this one. It brought new friendships into my life, saw the start of my commissioning relationship with Raden, and became an anchor of my relationship with my girlfriend at the time. Many of the XT characters reappeared in this universe, but the setting was more in line with a fantasy, following the tale of a princess and her young knight as they tried to make it through times of war. The first act was completed over a decade ago, and 20 of the 30-36 chapters were finished before my professional career led me to other pursuits. Still, characters such as Wing, Trigger, and Amora all saw major pieces of their respective lores forged in these pages. Those characters are still quite prominent elsewhere, and if you've run into them, you can probably see the nuclei of their personalities in MC.

This site also serves as an archive and showcase of the Anything Goes Writing Contest. Years ago, I decided that I wanted this page to promote my writer friends as well. Glimpses of their writing journeys, and my ridiculous contest result recordings, can be viewed by using the AGWC link in the sidebar menu.

Finally, I've included a link to my professional physics publications, at least those available on arXiv, for those interested in reading technical things. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your stay.

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